Unusual Incidents Unit: What we know and what to do

This is an informational page about our major enemy.
A unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Unusual Incidents Unit. We have known and fought this unit for most of our existence and do to their sudden increase in funding and operational range, we thought it was important to give an overview as to what they are, what they want and what to do when you inexitably encounter them.

What are they? The Unusual Incidents Unit is a division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which handles investigation and defense inside of the United States.
The UIU themselves do the same however instead of terrorism and criminals it does anomalous versions of these same things.

What do they want?
Their main plan is similar to that of the Foundation as they say "contain anomalous objects and criminals and keep them out of the public eye".

What should I do when encounter one of there agents?
Here's a tip if you do encounter one of them, don't ever. If you encounter one of them you are screwed, the UIU has shown a severe hatred to the GRU and they're operatives and good luck if you get captured there interrogation techniques could make anyone crack, remeber they are legally allowed to do whatever they please.
They also have this place bugged, the word is they have sleeper agents that are waiting to be activated but do remember they know a lot of information about us and they have access to most of our files so do be careful, that is why we have switched to a lot of psychical stuff.

Why do they hate us?
Mostly it's because of situations in the cold war. Which are mostly classified as where most of the stuff back then. We have tried to reconcile with them multiple times however all these attempts have been in vain, if it makes you feel better they don't just hate us, they have shown a disliking to a lot of those in the anomalous community, most prominently is that of The Global Occult Coalition, Chaos Insurgency and a very love-hate relationship with that of MC&D Ltd. Currently, the only ones we know they like appears to be that of the Foundation, considering how much they know and have worked with the Foundation to contain objects. However, even that appears to be falling apart.
Thank you for coming to this meeting.

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