The World
The World is the collection of all creation. It contains all the universes, pocket universes, subspaces and everything that exists in each. Other Universes are not unknown to the Division. In order to simplify categorization, these universes have been given names and designations. Unless otherwise stated, all paranatural, Division assets, etc. are housed in Universe 1. The following list includes the Universes known to the Division.

Universe 1 - the Universe in which Psychotronics Division exists

Universe 2 - identified as the dimension in which A-04 phases in and out of 47% of the time

Universe 7AY - speculated to be the origin point for the 'ALXYALV[?]' artifacts.

Universe SH - a vital Universe for the study of Ktisilogy

Universe CZ - known to some as "Chalkzone", another Universe which exhibits apparent ktisilogical properties and is also a main research hub for Cartesian Physics

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