Loc-02: Tartarum-2
THURA Clearance
Facility ID



[PITHOS], [THURA], China


Based off the original Tartarum-1 in [PITHOS], Western Russia, Tartarum-2 is specifically built to contain Paranaturals. Most of the facility is utilized for Artifact storage and Creature detainment. Following the events of the Fragmentation of 1991, general access to Tartarum-1 is elevated from PULON to THURA for Tartarum-2. This clearance does not include access to Paranaturals, which usually require higher clearance levels. General access is meant mostly for Mercuri, Oculi, and Vinci, to ensure that the facility operates at full efficiency. A large part of the Kadenii Corps is delegated to guard Tartarum-2. Vln. Col. Wei is in charge of expanding the facility for the purpose of accommodating a larger number of Paranaturals and on-site personnel.

Addendum Loc-02/01

Overlord Bane Aloe expressed the need of another Tartarum, as losing 90% of all Artifacts in custody; similar to what happened to Division-P in 1991, will deal a severe blow to the Division. Op-[THURA] is currently being formulated to search for another viable location for the construction of a Tartarum-3. Ocl. 1st Lt. [KLEIDARIA] assigned to supervise the operation.

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