Personnel Classes

Oculi (OH-kyoo-lai)

“The Eyes” or “The Watchers”. This group is responsible for searching and retrieving paranatural artifacts, weapons, items, creatures, locations, and occurrences. They are also tasked with the preliminary investigation of these “PN’s” and their origins before handing them over to the Vinci for further analysis. They are also in charge of pre-operation reconnaissance and usually assist the Kadenii around key Division installations. Several high-ranking Oculi possess paranatural or psychic abilities. The Oculi are the Division’s main force when dealing with paranatural phenomena. (Oculus, Ocl.)

Mercuri (mer-KYOO-rai)

“The Messengers” or “The Healers”. Assigned to vital tasks such as communications, logistics, transportation, sanitation, and healthcare. The Division would be deaf, mute, and crippled without the Mercuri. (Mercurus, Mrc.)

Kadenii (ka-DE-ni-yai)

“The Chains” or “The Custodians”. People of the Kadenii class dedicate their entire lives to the safekeeping of all captured/retrieved artifacts, weapons, items, creatures, hostiles, locations, occurrences, whether they be paranatural or not. All Kadenii are trained to use whatever means necessary to protect paranatural entities under Division custody. (Kadenus, Kdn.)

Vinci (VIN-kai)

“The Thinkers” or “The Innovators”. They oversee all research activities such as tests and experiments on all assets of the Division. They are also responsible for producing schematics and prototypes for Division weaponry, structures, installations, and equipment, and handing them over to the Vulcanii for mass production. (Vincus, Vnc.)

Vulcanii (vool-KA-ni-yai)

“The Blacksmiths” or “The Builders”. This group builds and creates almost all of Division equipment and structures, especially paranatural weaponry and equipment. They are also in charge of repair and maintenance of all damaged objects and structures, and provision of necessary materials for key experiments and researches. As such, they work closely with the Vinci. (Vulcanus, Vln.)

Populi (PO-pyoo-lai)

“The People”. This specialized group deals with public relations and intelligence activities for the Division. They are mostly capable of controlling government officials and even small terrorist groups. People chosen to become Populi are trained to become skilled actors, able to convince people to do their bidding by either friendly or hostile means. (Populus, Ppl.)

Tabaki (ta-BA-key)

“The Swords” or “The Blades”. This group, although similar in some roles to the Oculi, are the Division’s main military force against rival organizations. Most Tabaki are transferred from either the Oculi or the Kadenii. They may also assist Oculi in paranatural hunts whenever other organizations are present. (Tabaki, Tbk.)

Junii (JOO-ni-yai))

“The Juniors”. Contrary to what the name suggests, the Junii are selected only after a long process of testing and deliberation. They are in charge of training and orienting the new recruits or Novi of the Division. (Junius, Jns.)

Novi (NO-vai))

“The New”. Novi are all members of the Division that are yet to choose a specific group that they want to join. They may also already be included in a group if the Division transfers them upon realizing their potential. Hence, it is possible to have personnel who are both Novus and Vulcanus. (Novus, Nvs.)

Kaisers (KAI-sers)

"The Emperors" or "The Leaders". Less than five (5) Kaisers are known to exist in the Division, and even their Operator names are unknown, even to other Kaisers. They make up the elite of Psychotronics Division High Command, and receive orders directly from the Overlord. Only the Overlord may override any commands and directives they issue. (Kaiser, Ksr.)

Specialist Personnel

Aside from the standard operating corps of the Division, Overlord Bane Aloe and Ocl. Col. Trinity have established 'Specialist Corps' with the intent of exploring new fields of study that may prove to be beneficial to the Division. Specialist personnel designation comes before their standard corps. An example would be Rds. Vnc. Maj. Patwaru, read as Radius Vincus Major Patwaru.

Apotheosi (apo-te-YO-see)

"The Godlike". The oldest specialist and least known group within the Division, the Apotheosi are responsible for researching and developing technologies related to Psychotronics and mind control. Their most controversial prototype, the Labormind, has been taken into SCP Foundation custody following The Fragmentation. A small but incredibly important subbranch made of only the best Vinci and Radii personnel,.they aim to obtain knowledge concerning Creation, and formation of new universes. Because of the potential threats their research poses, this branch is given utmost importance and proper funding to lessen the chances of a reality or universal failure event. However, this branch possesses a few Ex-Machina devices that [KLEIDARIA]. Most Apotheosi are also Vinci, but few Vinci become Apotheosi. (Apotheosus, Apt.)

Radii (RAY-di-yai)

“The Radii” or “The Tangents”. A newly-formed group within the Division, the Radii are composed of members from all previous classes. However, all of these members’ tasks focus on the newly-discovered field of Tangential Physics, colloquially known as “magic”. (Radius, Rds.)

Kronii (KRO-ni-yai)

"The Timekeepers". Responsible for researching into the field of Temporal Sciences. To date, there are only two (2) Kronii in existence.

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