Personnel Classes

Class-01(The Unoffical)

Class-01 security clearances are given to non-essential personnel with no need to access information regarding anomalous objects or entities in Division containment. Class-01 access is typically held by personnel in non-secured clerical, logistics, or janitorial positions at facilities with no access to operational data.


Class-02 are the scientific branch of the Division, drawn from the ranks of the smartest and best-trained research scientists from around the world. With specialists in every field imaginable, from chemistry and botany to more esoteric or specialized fields such as theoretical physics and xenobiology, the goal of the Division's research projects is to gain a better understanding of unexplained anomalies and how they operate.


Class-03 are specialist units comprised of veteran field personnel drawn from all over the Division. These are mobilized to deal with threats of a specific nature and can include anything from field researchers specializing in a particular type of anomaly to heavily armed combat units tasked to secure certain types of hostile anomalous entity.


Class-04 security clearances are given to the highest-ranking administrative personnel within the Division and grant effectively unlimited access to all strategic and otherwise sensitive data. Class-04 security clearances are typically only granted to Operator members and selected staff.

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