Kara-Gatan Pacifica Research Lab
PULON-Tithina Clearance

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, about 2300 km east of the Philippine Republic.


A platform rig disguised as a marine research lab, outfitted with a radar dome, helipads and repair ports. The platform has underground levels which house at least 200 artifacts and creatures from the GEAR and SAO branches. It is the primary Vinci hub for researching and exploiting the paranatural properties of the objects.

  • March 2014: Facility fitted to include deep-sea research projects and prototype simulations.
  • May 2014: Submarine pen fitted; can sustain up to six SSBN submarines. Division now has strategic position to attack enemy facilities or Phenomenal Event-causing paranaturals in West Pacific region. Security of the facility tightened and fortified.
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