Global Occult Coalition

The GOC was created in the aftermath of WWII, from the remnants of defecting occultists, psychics, priests, and scientists from Nazi, Soviet, and Allied states, brought together and formed by the Allies. As the world stage broadened, so too did the number of countries that had their hands in the GOC, until it became what it is today.

The GOC are a largely political force, seeing themselves as the police of the paranormal world. They pride themselves on destroying supernatural entities, and make use of the most high-tech experimental technology possible, obtained from their benefactors.

SS Ahnenerbe

Organizational aims directed towards furthering the politics of the Third Reich.

Lomonosov-Makarenko Institute for Scientific and Political Education

Organizational aims directed towards furthering the economic, ideological and political development of the USSR through abnormal means applied often in unconventional and highly risky manner. Sporadic activity. Operates from unknown location from within USSR territory; the self-reported location of Bolshoi Chemodansk, Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalpakstan does not exist.

Horizon Initiative

Organizational aims directed towards furthering theocratic agenda at direct odds with the geopolitical interests of USSR and allied states. Dispones with significant amount of abnormal means generally styled as "holy relics" or otherwise tied to the specific ideological precepts of the group - often at odds with their genuine origin.

The Factory

Organizational aims are directed towards manufacture and distribution of supernatural objects to the larger population. Irregularly active, appears to be more focused on reaching the consumer culture of the First World.

The Fifth Church

Organizational aims appear to dispersed and non-centralized. Ideologically tied to concepts with space travel and the larger universe. Cosmonaut training includes screening for persons associated with these beliefs.


Organizational aims unknown. Highly secretive organization rapidly increasing in scope and operation since the end of the Great Patriotic War.

Chaos Insurgency

In 1924, the Foundation formed a covert special task force, known only to the O5 Council, codenamed the "Insurgency." The leadership of the Insurgency was comprised of members of MTF Alpha-1, the Red Right Hand, famed for their loyalty to the O5 Council and the total secrecy of their origins, identities, and operations. The Insurgency leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks.

To the majority of the Foundation and the anomalous world, the Insurgency was a splinter group that went A.W.O.L. with several researchers and anomalous objects. In reality, the O5 Council had created the Insurgency to complete missions with ethically questionable methods and politically unsavory results—while keeping the Foundation's public reputation clean. For approximately twenty-four years, the Insurgency operated under the guise of Foundation defectors, using anomalous objects to secretly further the goals of the O5 Council.

In 1948, as part of a seemingly routine staged operation, the Insurgency removed several SCPs objects from Foundation containment and transported dozens of defecting Foundation researchers to various safe locations. That same day, multiple other unplanned raids of Foundation facilities occurred. The Insurgency seized SCP objects with great research and military potential and inflicted severe casualties to Foundation personnel. The Foundation's biggest lie had become a reality. Their covert black ops team had defected, and the Foundation faced a new threat from an organization now calling itself by a new name: the Chaos Insurgency.

Afton Robots

Afton Robotics.LLC is an underground, rundown robotics factory used to create animatronics for Fazbear Entertainment, for example, the Funtime Animatronics.

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