"Can't win 'em all!"

The following entry is a declassified log belonging to Ocl. Sgt. [PITHOS] during Operation [KLEIDARIA]. As per Division policy, all names pertaining to personnel and location are not disclosed.

OpLog begin:

  • I was assigned to a seven-man unit. It was supposed to be fucking easy. Snatch 'n Grab, that's what they told us. Problem was, nobody told us that the freaking MO was also targeted by agents from those Foundation hippies. The hostiles used an assortment of ordinary small-arms that delayed our advance for around 3-4 minutes and wounded Cpt. [PITHOS] , the team lead,through the left calf. Clearance to fire upon hostiles using the Gear we carried wasn't given prior to the mission.
  • I tell you, good thing we were in [THURA],or we couldn't have made good use of the terrain. Those freakin' hippies wouldn't let up until we were able to elude them about 500 meters from the PAP. We tried contacting Ophy but the Overmind told us to maintain radio silence as an extraction team was being sent. Needless to say, we were left alone in that God-awful place, hiding from the hippies without knowledge of whatever Gear the hostiles carried.
  • It was already dawn when Ophy radioed that a unit from the Tabaki had successfully driven off the hippies, dealing considerable casualties and receiving none. Fucking Tabaki have all the fun. At least that unit told us we could save the Mercurii some time and mop up the remaining hostiles, because they only had orders to relieve the pressure on our group. I confirmed the directive, and Ophy cleared our group for the retrieval of the MarkOh, and this time, allowing the use of lethal retaliation on any hostile assets. We were finally allowed to shoot the damn bastards. We had to leave Cpt. [PITHOS] with Pvts. [PITHOS] and [PITHOS] while the I lead the rest of the team to the Possible Artifact Point.
  • En route to the PAP, there were sudden sounds as [KLEIDARIA]. Damn, it was awful. Readings showed Ktisilogical pulses at around 130 Kp/s, fitting the profile of a highly accomplished reality bender, or multiple ones. It didn't help that the fucking MarkOh was also confirmed to haave at least ktisilogical Properties.
  • After we went back to the PAP, the MarkOh was nowhere in sight. After 3 hours of searching fruitlessly, we made contact with the Mercurii extraction team and were sent back to [THURA] for debriefing.
  • Afterwards I received word that [KLEIDARIA], but the MarkOh was listed as LOST, although Foundation assets didn't seem to have taken it, either. We knew because bits and pieces of their bodies were scattered across the PAP. Fuck. Whatever it was, the hippies weren't equipped to fight it. Blood and gore was everywhere, man.
  • Traces of [PITHOS] were reportedly found on-site, possibly caused by another RO. I've always known the Division and the Foundation weren't the only ones, but I couldn't shake the feeling that this event wasn't exactly SOP for all involved.
  • They told me that Cpt. [PITHOS] , the team lead who had been wounded in the mission, would live. I honestly don't give a shit. I'm still thinking about those readings. Ktisilogical pulses going haywire. Had to be the Hand. Had to be.

OpLog End.

In-mission Logs:

1830 hours - 30 minutes prior to mission time:

Everything SOP. We checked out our Gear, and went to [PITHOS] for intensive briefing. MarkOh was a possible THURA-Class Artifact, with confirmed ktisological properties. We were prepped for a stealth insertion via a [PITHOS] prototype from the Vulcanii Corps. Pre-mission huddle was done by Ocl. Capt. [PITHOS] , the designated team lead for the mission. I was designated as the secondary lead, and equipped with the Eq-012 for the mission log, and [PULON] TempKits for my function as the medic of the team. The others were [PITHOS].

1900 hours - Insertion into [THURA], 1 mile from Possible Artifact Point.

Insertion went smoothly. Recporting the [PITHOS] prototype as having performed very satisfactorily. All Gear and Operators on-site functioning on point. Proceeding to the PAP.

1919 hours - PAP, contact with Foundation assets and request for authorization of retaliatory measures.

Confirmed multiple assets of GOI-Treehugger on-site! Receiving heavy small-arms fire! Requesting THURA-authorization on Objective 11! I repeat, THURA-Clearance for Objective 11! Hostiles are assets from GOI-Treehugger!

1523 hours - 500 meters from PAP. Heavy contact with multiple hostiles. One casualty.

Repeating request for THURA-Authorization on Objective 11. We have received one casualty. Team lead shot through the left calf. Operator down! I repeat, Operator down! Requesting for immediate authorization for retaliation.

1925 hours - 500 meters from PAP. One casualty, hostiles in search of main mission unit. MO status unknown.

As per the Overmind order, Oculi Artifact Retrieval Squad 15 will be maintaning radio silence until otherwise stated. Trusting the Division to send reinforcements and that goddamn authorization! We're fucking dying out here! I've patched up our team lead, but we won't fucking last here without that damn authorization!

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