Zealots and Lunatics...

The following entry is a declassified log belonging to Tbk. Pvt. [PITHOS] during Operation [KLEIDARIA]. As per Division policy, all names pertaining to personnel and location are not disclosed.

Log begin:

We were sent to [THURA] because a group of Mercurii from Special Logistics Group 2 failed to report back at the predetermined time. It was standard procedure to us that we bring an experimental weapon from the Vulcanii Corps for use in the field. Damn, was it fucking heavy. It was supposed to be used en route to the Inquiry Zone, somewhere in the fucking mountains of [PITHOS], but we had to land half a click from the IO because the Kp/s Detectors were going haywire. Whatever it was supposed to do, it meant bird shit a few moments later, because next thing we knew, we were in the crossfire.
[KLEIDARIA], and we identified assets belonging to at least three(3) different groups exchanging small-arms as well as paranatural volleys at each other. It was hell, fucking hell. When our heli landed, we were welcomed by multiple paranatural volleys from robe-clad hostiles screaming profanities "in the name of the Broken God", whatever the hell that meant. [PITHOS] had his head blown off right in front of me. We didn't even have time to activate our RTS Vestments and the only one with the TempKit got his fucking head blown off. We were screwed. I tried contacting Ophy, but some psychotronic signal was jamming the Headsets and even the Overmind. The guy who knew how to activate the experimental weapon was torn in half by something, so we destroyed the damn thing before it fell into enemy hands. I took the initiative and told the surviving officer, Sgt. [PITHOS], that we had to fight back.
After an hour of engaging the multiple hostiles, our group suffered heavy casualties and had to retreat to a nearby forest. There we met assets of the SCP, who fired at us. Of course we eliminated them. Fuckin' hippies didn't stand a chance against our Mk II's, especially not in their condition. Most of them were already wounded, and were already about to set up a bivouac when we got to them. They barely even had enough small-arms ammo left to sustain a crossfire with us.
An hour and a half after initial contact, Kp/s readings were reaching Phenomenal Event levels, and Sarge told us that Ophy would have noticed by then and had to send some heavy reinforcements. Meanwhile, Cpl. [PITHOS] had come back from his recon and identified assets belonging to the Serpent's Hand, the SCP Foundation, and a certain Church of the Broken God.

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