Kadenii Journals
~A Kadenus Guard in Tartarum-2.

The Kadenii Corps suffer more casualties than any other branch in the Division. This is because they are constantly in danger of exposure to the Artifacts that lie within Division Containment Facilities. Also, due to the fact that most Kadenii lack the camaraderie seen among all other branches of the Division save for the Populi (who never know who the other Populi Operators are) they are deemed the "Lone Wolves" of the Division.

A Kadenus never complains, and never leaves his post until the exact moment comes when shifts change. Even other Operators find it hard to even engage in interaction with Kadenii, as they have made guarding Artifacts the sole purpose of their lives. However, Kadenii Operators may be dispatched to guard not just Artifacts, but entire Facilities, in cases of extreme need. They are horrible interactors, but in the scope of the mission, few are more efficient and reliable than the Kadenii.

Through intensive, brutal, and controvesial training and psychological "hardening", they will risk their lives in order to protect and secure whatever they are ordered to guard. Any individual willing to steal an Artifact must also be willing to die when facing the Kadenii.

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