Mercuri Mission Logs
Mercuri Operator

The Mercuri Corps are well-respected in the Division for their quick and subtle operations. Swift and efficient as their name, they specialize in logistics and transportation, communications, triage, weapons deals, information gathering and insertions. They are known for being the quick reaction force in the Division. Mercuri operators have a unique sense of camaraderie and morality in the battlefield or otherwise, showing mercy when the Tabaki or the Kadenii would show death. They are considered god-sends to friendlies and enemies alike.

While being treated as the most expendable or disposable of Operators, all Mercuri personnel are well-trained and elusive, capable of outrunning or outliving most other personnel with their unique Remedion training that allows them to quickly react to emergency situations. They sometimes take over the tasks of the Oculi in reconnaissance and preliminary information gathering thanks to their efficient tactics. In order to compensate for their need to move quickly, they use the lightest equipment in the Division, sacrificing weight for speed.

The Mercuri are trusted with several paranatural equipment exclusive to them, such as the Emissary Tattoo, a complex mark that enhances movement and motor functions in the subject.

They are called "Sons of Hermes" within their ranks.

Mercuri Mission Logs

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