The Operators form the backbone of the Division. However, not all Division personnel can become Operators. Operators are assigned to important tasks and are usually at least Level-Γ personnel. Upon promotion, Operators are assigned to a Corp, where they will specialise in a particular Field and mature to the best of their abilities.

The Operator's Creed

1st Objective: To ensure the preservation and survival of the World against any paranatural threat.

2nd Objective: To ensure the secrecy and security of the Division against any paranatural threat.

3rd Objective: To unite the human race under the Motherland.

4th Objective: To disable or neutralize all hostile rival organization and seize their assets for the Motherland.

5th Objective: To spearhead the research of paranatural properties and their applications to the Division.

<Oculi Corps>

The Oculi Corps are said to be the on the front row seats to a horror film. Their tasks range from paranatural scouting, surveillance, and reconaissance. It is a known fact that the Oculi Corps suffers the third most casualties, next to the Kadenii and Mercuri Corps. Also, among the branches that are sent out into the World, Oculi are in the frontlines of danger. They are the first force that Mercuri personnel usually accompany to respond to MO's and PA alerts; a few Oculi are present in almost every mission. They act as the primary Artifact hunters of the Division, reporting all paranatural occurences, notable details and information. The Oculi receive special gear for their missions, particularly a reproduction of the GOC's VERITAS Resonance Imaging System, which allows them to see things that are normally invisible to naked eyes. They are known for being the most resourceful when using their gear, even customizing the VERITAS system into switching to different wavelengths, altering the optical and auditory parts it to allow echolocation, detecting infrared, and others. Oculi Operators are also responsible for calling in Tabaki units during highly critical situations, and have been reported by fellow Operators to be highly eager to take initiatives prior to and during mission proceedings.

<Tabaki Operators>

Tabaki Operators are a fearsome force. They screen Division Operations from Rival Organizations, and likewise infiltrate and thwart external threats to the Division, most of the time World Gorvenment military Operations that unknowingly endanger Division Operators. Deemed "The Mercuri Outside" among its personnel, the Tabaki Corps clean up any mess outside of the Division's facilities, be it the Oculi Corps' or their own. Their name originates from the Tagalog word "tabak", meaning sword. They act as the main offensive force of the Division against Rival Organization interference.

<Mercuri Corps>

The Mercuri Corps are well-respected in the Division for their quick and subtle operations. Swift and efficient as their name, they specialize in logistics and transportation, communications, triage, weapons deals, information gathering and insertions. They are known for being the quick reaction force in the Division. Mercuri operators have a unique sense of camaraderie and morality in the battlefield or otherwise, showing mercy when the Tabaki or the Kadenii would show death. They are considered god-sends to friendlies and enemies alike. While being treated as the most expendable or disposable of Operators, all Mercuri personnel are well-trained and elusive, capable of outrunning or outliving most other personnel with their unique Remedion training that allows them to quickly react to emergency situations. They sometimes take over the tasks of the Oculi in reconnaissance and preliminary information gathering thanks to their efficient tactics. In order to compensate for their need to move quickly, they use the lightest equipment in the Division, sacrificing weight for speed. The Mercuri are trusted with several paranatural equipment exclusive to them, such as the Emissary Tattoo, a complex mark that enhances movement and motor functions in the subject. They are called "Sons of Hermes" within their ranks.

<Vinci Corps>

Known as the scientists of the Division, the Vinci Corps focuses on the experimentation and testing of anomalous objects to exploit its paranatural properties and use it for the Division, and ultimately, humanity's benefit. Vinci personnel are well-respected in the Division for their innovations and breakthroughs both in the battlefield, and in normal life, even upgrading the anomalies themselves, advancing them to modern levels. Their work is not limited to research and technology, but also covers the arts, geographies, political sciences, philosophies, etc. The Vinci not only operates as the research branch, but also executes its own military agenda; planning most of the strategies used by the Division. They are in charge of delivering and operating most of the high-tech and experimental weapons on the battlefield, as well as sending special units along on some operations, such units using prototype stealth technology, paranatural equipment and [KLEIDARIA] weapons. They work closely in a symbiotic relationship with the Vulcanii in producing technologies for the Division, with most Vinci also working as Vulcanii. They generally refer to themselves as "The Technicians", or "The Innovators".

<Kadenii Corps>

The Kadenii Corps suffer more casualties than any other branch in the Division. This is because they are constantly in danger of exposure to the Artifacts that lie within Division Containment Facilities. Also, due to the fact that most Kadenii lack the camaraderie seen among all other branches of the Division save for the Populi (who never know who the other Populi Operators are) they are deemed the "Lone Wolves" of the Division. A Kadenus never complains, and never leaves his post until the exact moment comes when shifts change. Even other Operators find it hard to even engage in interaction with Kadenii, as they have made guarding Artifacts the sole purpose of their lives. However, Kadenii Operators may be dispatched to guard not just Artifacts, but entire Facilities, in cases of extreme need. They are horrible interactors, but in the scope of the mission, few are more efficient and reliable than the Kadenii. Through intensive, brutal, and controvesial training and psychological "hardening", they will risk their lives in order to protect and secure whatever they are ordered to guard. Any individual willing to steal an Artifact must also be willing to die when facing the Kadenii.

<Operator Files>

Note that there is no log for the Radii Corps. This is due to the sensitive nature of their status as researchers that they are not required to submit logs to the Database. However, all other Operators are required to maintain their own logs, and while all logs are considered at least Level-Δ clearance, only some logs are ever shown in the Database, to provide Novii and would-be Operators a glimpse of life within the Division. Due to the nature of their rather solitary existences, the Kadenii and Populi Corps are entitled to their own method of reporting to the Division. As such, Kadenii and Populi reports are shown as informal journals.

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