Operation 007

Operation: Silkworm



1.) Triangulate the possible location of the SRC (Silk Road Countries) Branch.

2.) Re-establish contact with SRC.

  • Mercurii Special Comms/Contact Force 2
  • Mercurii Insertions/Deployments Force 1
  • Tabaki reinforcements

1.) Mercurii SC/C 2 is to begin establishing the possible locations of the SRC Branch's main facility. The Division has already beforehand monitored through coded transmissions, signals, satellite and mobile data, now believing that the facility is located about 20 km southwest of Istanbul, Turkey.

2.) After confirmation of the facility's location, Mercurii I/D 1 is to arrive and assess the condition of the facility.

3.1) In the event of facility survival and friendly re-contact, the operation is considered a success. SRC is to be added to the list of found branches, and all activity prior, during and after the Fragmentation Event is to be sent to the Kaiser. The branch is to be activated into the Division 24 hours after re-contact.

3.2) In the event of facility survival and hostile re-contact, Mercurii I/D 1 is to arrange for a Tabaki reinforcement deployment, and assign targets for an air-strike. All data, objects and surviving hostile personnel are to be captured.

3.3) In the event of facility under attack, Mercurii I/D is to call for Tabaki reinforcements and assist in the defense of the facility.

3.4) In the event of facility damaged or destroyed, Mercurii I/D 1 is to search the remains of all surviving data, objects and personnel for retrieval. The SRC facility is to be destroyed as discreetly as possible.

4.) Report operation details to the Division.

Mission Transcript, supplementary material Operation transcript of Mrc. Lt. Sivel Marteni, supplementary material Interview Transcript of Col. Chernov: Mission Transcript 007

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