Operation 002

Operation: Factory Sweep

Successful OPERATION


1. Investigate a manufacturing facility in [THURA] believed to be abandoned by The Factory.

2. Retrieve items specially designated by the Oculi team on-site. Use of deadly preemptive force is authorized. Eliminate all non-Division personnel on-site.

3. Destroy the facility. Leave no trace of its existence.

  • Mercurii Solid Contact Group 4
  • Tabaki Strike Group 1
  • Oculi Recon Force 12
  • Pop. Capt. [KLEIDARIA]
  • Pop. Sgt. [KLEIDARIA]

1.) Both Populi assets are to secure ORF-12's insertion and infiltration to the target facility

2.) After recon assessment of hostiles and materiel, ORF-12 is to contact TSG-1 for elimination of the facility and its personnel.

3.1) In the event of complete facility elimination, the operation is considered a success. All data and materiel to be secured during the Operation is to be sent back to [PITHOS] for evaluation.

3.2) In the event of facility survival and operation compromise, all assets are to retreat and maintain radio silence for exactly three(3) hours-the time required, in case of loss of contact, to elapse before the Division sends in Tabaki reinforcements-and reassess mission strategy.

4.) Report operation details to the Division.

Mission Transcript, supplementary material Operation transcript of Tab. Capt. Georgil Sasha, supplementary material Interview Transcript of Ocl. Col. Trinity Elish: Mission Transcript 002

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