Objectives are as follows:

1. Establish contact with Fragments of the former GRU Division-P all over the world.

2. Recruit individuals of skill and potential into the Division.

3. Organize the Division's database.


The Division exists to unite the entire World and maintain peace and order therein. The World does not mean solely this planet, it encompasses all universes known to exist. The Division has seen the struggles of man and other species due to constant warfare and unrest caused by a divided World. Never again will anyone suffer the same fate that the Division has.

The SCP Foundation contains and studies anomalies, the Global Occult Coalition seeks to destroy these anomalies, other organizations have their own agenda regarding such items. The Division does not stoop down to such levels. Such anomalies are meant to be studied and used for the improvement of all sentient life in the World.

Our mission is not an easy one. Many will oppose us in our objective. Many will vow their allegiance, some for their own selfish desires, others for the attainment of peace. We must crush all opposition and assimilate all those who assist us in our gargantuan struggle. When there is no one left to fight, the fighting will end.

We seek to bring Absolute Unification to the World, and utilize all available technologies for the benefit of all.


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