First Objective: Revival

The unfortunate collapse of the USSR has left our Motherland in an unacceptable state. Therefore, it is in the interest of the Division to utilize paranaturals to facilitate the reorganization of our glorious union.

Second Objective: Defend

The defense of our Motherland is of the utmost importance. Any and all means necessary are to be utilized to ensure the continued existence of the Russian people, Soviet or otherwise.

Third Objective: Capital

The hegemony enjoyed by the Americans is unacceptable. We must, in some capacity, remove them from their position of political dominance.

Fourth Objective: Protection

Although the Motherland comes first, it is also important to preserve humankind as a whole. To this end, operatives and individual branches are authorized to combat any and all perceived threats to The World.

Fifth Objective: Study

In order to increase our knowledge and understanding of the paranatural, we must gain entrance to the Wanderers' Library, by whatever means necessary.

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