GRU Division "P" Logo (circa 1947).

GRU Division-P

The former GRU Division-P existed since WWII. Its mission was to retrieve and study artifacts with paranatural properties, and to protect the former Soviet Union from paranatural threats. Amidst the hardships during the Cold War, GRU Division-P was able to establish informant cells around the globe. Many of this cells were strategically planted in major cities and had members even in vital government offices. Needless to say, they were not worthy to be called cells, but are now called branches.

The Fragmentation of 1991

The Labormind.

The government at this time did not view GRU Division-P as an important department. Even in the military, Division-P is looked down upon. A general even stated in a closed-door conference that "…they are nothing more than nerds poking and prodding at useless objects. Magic and the occult did not exist for over a century! Why does the state need to continue funding such a division? If this is a corruption scheme, they need to come up with more creative ideas…"

The events that followed are common knowledge among military intelligence historians. Division-P funding was pulled by the government and was forced to disband and abandon all assets worldwide. Needless to say, Russia grew weak. Her borders are no longer watched by the ever-vigilant Oculi. The artifacts that were so painstakingly gathered from far and wide are no longer sealed in Tartarum, most notably the Labormind, Babushka Perekhvatchik, and the Soviet Palochka Virus. These artifacts came into the possession of the SCP Foundation and were renamed SCP-1011, SCP-1723 and SCP-1232, respectively.

The Branches in other countries were thrown into disarray, sometimes attacking other Branches. They did not function as Branches, but as Fragments instead. Even the GRU-produced paranatural weapons, the Mosin-Nagato, were smuggled into the black market.

It was a dark time. A time that we came to know as the Fragmentation of 1991.

The Psychotronics Division

Out of all the chaos, the Greater East Asia Research (GEAR) Fragment proved resilient. The artifacts and prisoners in their custody were kept safe. Rogue Operators were immediately eliminated. Paranatural occurrences were continually studied. They fulfilled their orders and waited for the reestablishment of Division-P in Russia.

After 20 years of waiting, with no apparent results, Director Bane Aloe of the Greater East Asia Research Fragment announced that "We have lost two decades to nothing. We were able to function for such a long time without any support from Headquarters. The rebirth of Division-P will begin with us." Thus, the Psychotronics Division was born.

The Division is currently attempting to reunite all other Fragments, and regain their lost status as the premiere paranatural task force in existence.

Despite restructuring as a former Branch of GRU Division-P, the Psychotronics Division is vastly different from its former self. The Division has made as its top priority, the obtaining of Artifacts they deem to be of vital importance to the World, with the intent of studying and utilizing it for the Division's benefit. Unlike its former incarnation, the Division is not tied to any political entity, separating itself almost entirely from World affairs in order to focus on its own growth as a paranatural task force.

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