Department of Psychotronics logo (circa 1947).

GRU Division-P

The former Department of Psychotronics existed since WWII. Its mission was to retrieve and study artifacts with paranatural properties, and to protect the former Soviet Union from paranatural threats. Amidst the hardships during the Cold War, The Department was able to establish informant cells around the globe. Many of this cells were strategically planted in major cities and had members even in vital government offices. Needless to say, they were not worthy to be called cells, but are now called branches.

In 1991

After 1991, rapid restructuring, coupled with budget cuts and the decommissioning or sale of significant assets, resulted in numerous defections of their personnel and the flooding of the European black market with anomalous items formerly in their possession.

In 1992

After the founding of the G.R.U. in 1992, the Department of Psychotronics' remaining branches were reorganized into the G.R.U. Psychotronics Division.

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