Loc-08: Hell's Gate-6
PITHOS Clearance
Facility ID



[PITHOS], Japan


Hell’s Gate-6 is not actually a facility, but is a Paranatural location in containment. The center is located in [PITHOS] but it is still uncertain if this information is accurate due to [THURA] fluctuations. The affected area extends up to two (2) kilometers from the center. Personnel are advised to always wear [THURA]. Vinci and Radii based in [PITHOS] are cooperating in various research projects around the HG-6. It was discovered in [THURA], 2003, when Oculi in the area reported incidents of [PITHOS] to civilians and Division personnel alike. The Division, with the help of Populi installed in the Japanese government at that time, was able to ‘purchase’ the affected area and sealed it off with [PITHOS] emitting fluctuating psychotronic and ktisological pulses. Squads of Kadenii and Tabaki on regular perimeter patrols. Since then, no other Paranatural Incidents on civilians have been reported.

The other locations designated as Hell's Gate were previously under the custody of other GRU Division-P branches all over the world. Only Hell's Gate-6 remains in the custody of the Greater East Asia Research Fragment.

Addendum Loc-08/01

In 2010, the current government expressed the desire to re-purchase or reclaim the area, as “…leaving a huge plot of Japanese land under the ownership of an obscure corporation is too extreme.” stated a member of the Diet. Populi in the Diet are currently trying to find a solution to the problem.

Addendum Loc-08/02

Populi of [PITHOS] team were successful in preventing the government from reclaiming the area. This operation was mostly successful due to the utilization of the [KLEIDARIA] prototypes that [PTHOS]. Said prototypes did have some malfunctions at times, but the operation was successful. Vulcanii under the command of Vln. Maj. Kirihara are ordered to prevent mass-production of the prototypes until otherwise ordered. Vinci of [KLEIDARIA] team are ordered to produce a more stable prototype of the equipment before mass-production can commence.

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