Sivel Mk. 1
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he gun itself is natural. Vinci requests for paranaturalization with Agent properties are pending. The darts, however, contain Security at the needle tips and have enhanced velocity due to Operator. The darts are capable of quickly immobilizing, and in some cases rendering unconscious, any creature within a maximum of twelve seconds. The Caduceus Mk. 1 is now being utilized by the Dr.Mercuri, Dr.Kadenii, Dr.Tabaki, and Dr.Oculi .


A small pneumatic dart gun with a barrel length of 12cm and barrel width of 12mm. The gun has an automatic reloading mechanism that allows it to reload from a magazine of four darts. The darts are 8mmx40mm long and contain Security.

Why the hell is there a dart gun named after me!? - Mrc.-Vnc. Lt. Sivel Marteni

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