Eq-012: Psychotronic Amplifier Headset
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Item: Psychotronic Amplifier Headset


A band of copper-silicon alloy that can be surgically implanted to the backside of the head, penetrating the cranium and embedding nodes to the parietal, somatosensory and occipital lobes and the cerebellum. This band has eight (8) small tubes that connect to a pocket-sized console.

The amplifier is separated into two parts:

The Headset
Refers to the band, the nodes and the tubes. The nodes connect to the headset wirelessly through possibly paranatural means. Note that the tubes that connect to the console are bunched together midway by an anomalous copper alloy that strengthens the resonance of the signals.

The Console
Refers to the pocket-sized console. The console has two parts1; a display screen that shows brain activity, signal strength and other details, and twelve buttons that can, among other uses, strengthen or lessen the signals, the resonance, trigger temporary memory loss of up to 72 hours, cause nausea or trigger brain death in the subject.


The implanted nodes receive certain psionic signals emitted by the brain and relay them to the band's array, amplifying and strengthening the signal as well as creating a resonating sound that is the cause of the slight buzzing sound during object use. This sound affects the brain waves of the targeted subject and compromises the subconscious. This later becomes key to allowing the electrical signals sent by the console to be received by the subject's brain, thus affecting the overall activity in the brain.

The strengthened signals are sent to the console, where they are further amplified, with unnecessary signals being filtered out and reused for power and battery. The console monitors brain activity and amplifies, changes and sends certain signals sent by the brain that can affect the psychological health and mind of detected brain signatures. Brain activity in targeted subjects is altered in a way that subjects are susceptible to suggestions from the signals sent, effectively controlling the subject's mind.

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