Doogu Hazmat Suits
Item: Doogu Hazmat Suits


A black/blue/red hazmat suit. Moving, glowing and fluctuating inscriptions similar to those found in <AID-001> are present. Attached to the back are units of <Eq-005>,<Eq-008> and <Eq-009> to be used to contingencies

Thanks to exceptional research by the Researcher and Security on <AID-001>, the Division can now engage in handling of potentially deadly Artifacts through the use of the Doogu Hazmat Suits. It gives the wearer a high resistance to Psychotronic and Paranatural Properties, making research of further Artifacts not only possible, but standard procedure. Only selected Vinci Operators are allowed acces to Eq-003, but all Radii Operators are advised to wear it at all times, and Operators to wear it at designated Facilities.


The black hazmat suits were approved by Rad. Col. because most Radii Facilities are nearly blinding in terms of whiteness. Blue hazmat suits for the Vinci Corps, while red designates the wearer as a Operator.

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