Doogu Hazmat Suits
PITHOS Clearance
Physical Description

A black/blue/red hazmat suit. Moving, glowing and fluctuating inscriptions similar to those found in <A-01> are present. Attached to the back are units of <Eq-005>,<Eq-008> and <Eq-009> to be used to contingencies

Paranatural Properties

Thanks to exceptional research by the Vinci and Radii Corps on <A-01>, the Division can now engage in handling of potentially deadly Artifacts through the use of the Doogu Hazmat Suits. It gives the wearer a high resistance to Psychotronic and Paranatural Properties, making research of further Artifacts not only possible, but standard procedure. Only selected Vinci Operators are allowed acces to Eq-003, but all Radii Operators are advised to wear it at all times, and Vulcanii Operators to wear it at designated Facilities.


See: <Doogu Scroll>
The black hazmat suits were approved by Rad. Col. [PITHOS] because most Radii Facilities are nearly blinding in terms of whiteness. Blue hazmat suits for the Vinci Corps, while red designates the wearer as a Vulcanus Operator.

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