Division Overmind
Item: Overmind


When the properties of AID-006 were found to be controllable, and to some extent, even necessary in bringing out the potential of Operators, The Vinci Corps developed a theory that whatever mission objective the Operator heard while exposed to the effects of microscopic fragments of AID-006 embedded in the microchips of their communicators would enhance their overall ability in pursuing the mission. Although there is no surefire way to substantiate this theory, Operators using prototypes of Eq-002 became very much proficient in missions assigned to them, always completing objectives in more efficient ways than those without access to Eq-002.


The Labormind was lost during the Fragmentation of 1991, and soon after fell into the custody of the SCP Foundation and was consequently never seen since. The Labormind was a highly dangerous artifact that eventually killed those exposed to it. However, since its capture by agents of the SCP Foundation, fragments of the Labormind have been found and successfully handled by the Oculi, Mercurii, and Kadenii Corps.

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