Eq-001: Mosin-Nagato
Item: Mosin-Nagato


The only difference of the Mosin-Nagato from the Mosin-Nagant is its specialized firing pin and hammer. These components give bullets fired from the Mosin-Nagato paranatural properties such as higher damage to some paranatural creatures, slightly higher speed than standard bullets, and Dr.Inma. The source of the components' properties, most likely an Artifact, was lost in the Fragmentation of 1991. All Class-02 and Class-03 involved in the production of the Mosin-Nagato were either killed, lost, or kidnapped. The Mosin-Nagato rifles of the former Division-P were sold to the black market.


A standard WWII rifle based from the original Russian Mosin-Nagant. The Mosin-Nagato is composed of a standard wooden body and stock, standard barrel and other parts. Some Nagatos are customized to use plastic instead of wood. The gun has also been modified to use NATO 5.56x45mm ammunition, and in rare cases, NATO 7.62x51mm for sharpshooter use.

The Division was able to retrieve lost documents of the former GRU Division-P in Russia. Due to their state of degradation due to natural wear and tear, little information may be derived regarding the production process of the Nagatos. A notable term called "The Lance" appears in four (4) of these documents, probably referring to the long lost legendary Lance of Longinus, which may be the source of the firing mechanism's properties.

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