All organisms with perceived and/or apparent consciousness and/or sentience are designated as Creatures. Organized in the same way as Artifacts, Creatures have a designation code of C, followed by a number.

Most Creatures under the custody of the Greater East Asia Research Fragment are located in Tartarum-2, unless stated otherwise. Containing Creatures is more costly and requires more effort than containing Artifacts. As such, more Mercuri and Kadenii have been assigned to secure them. Imprisoned/detained/captured creatures with no paranatural properties such as spies, agents of rival organizations, and involved civilians are not designated as Creatures, but as Captives instead.

C-01: Tikbalang

C-02: Gong Ageng

C-03: Jigoku Shonen

C-04: Ta Hiy

C-05: Muoy Beb Boran

C-06: Tik tik

C-07: Chay Hmu

C-08: Aling Labo

C-09: Taijian Guwen

C-10: Clockwork Manananggal

C-11: The Bakunawa Dragon

C-12: Seppuku Priest

C-13: Arbularyo Ambo

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