Clearance Levels

All personnel and Operators have an assigned rank similar to military ranks of the modern world. However, clearance levels are a different matter altogether. Clearance levels define an Operator's access to specific documents, facilities, or artifacts. These are issued by Division Command depending on different situations. For example, an Operator with rank Private may be given clearance to a highly dangerous artifact because of his past experience in dealing with such.


This is the standard clearance level for all personnel. Files and items with clearance level ANIKTOS may be accessed by all Division staff.


Low-level security clearance. PULON consist mainly of harmless artifacts and items, and low security facilities. PULON may be issued by any personnel with rank Sergeant or higher upon notifying Division Command.


Medium-level security clearance. Files marked as THURA contain sensitive information that may compromise minor operations, identities of Operators, or information regarding equipment production. THURA may only be issued by Operators with rank Captain or higher upon notifying Division Command.


High-level security clearance. Vital operations and databanks are marked PITHOS. PITHOS may only be requested by Operators with rank Colonel or higher to Division Command, and must wait for confirmation. The majority of requests for PITHOS clearance have been denied.


Highest-level security clearance. Following the events of the Fragmentation of 1991, Division Command has limited the access of certain projects and facilities to less than one hundred (100) personnel. KLEIDARIA may be requested by personnel with rank Colonel or higher to Division Command, and must wait for confirmation. KLEIDARIA clearances must be renewed every forty-eight (48) hours. KLEIDARIA requests may be approved by any Kaiser upon notifying the Overlord.


Special security clearance. Requests for ADELOS clearance may be filed by any personnel, but may only be approved by two (2) Kaisers or the Overlord, and is limited to a specific purpose. A Colonel that was granted ADELOS clearance on Artifact-01 may only access that artifact for only the duration and purpose stated on the request. The Colonel may not access any other artifact with ADELOS clearance - it must submit a separate request for another ADELOS clearance if it wishes to access another artifact designated as ADELOS.

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