C-10: Clockwork Manananggal
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Physical Description

A 17-year old female of Filipino origin, 176 cm in height and 54 kg in weight, toned build. Eye color is dark brown. The subject's body is infected with the Clockwork Virus, with concentrated infection on her torso and waist. The subject is still capable of emotion and free will, but has recently shown anxiety due to her condition and incarceration. The subject has two wing-like appendages that grow out of her back, resembling bat wings. These appendages are biological in nature, but have been infected with the virus. [ADELOS]

Paranatural Description

Due to the Clockwork infection on her waist and abdominal areas, the subject can detach her upper torso from the rest of her body. Her main means of locomotion when detached is her wing-like appendages that are also partially infected with the Clockwork Virus. The subject behaves normally during daytime, but becomes hostile during nighttime. It is theorized that the Virus hijacks her motor functions during nighttime, and overrides her mind to hunt out and consume small machinery and devices such as timepieces and smartphones. When not under the Virus' effects, the subject will report intense gastrointestinal pain and distress.


Subject turned herself in on 12/██/11 after a 23-hour manhunt after reports of a "manananggal" murdering four civilians and apparently attracting the attention of several civilians, forming a cult centered on her.



Any clockwork and mechanical matter consumed by the subject are to be surgically removed monthly to ensure her survival. Per the Division's Humane Treatment to Creatures Programme, care and attention is to be given to the subject's plight. Anaesthetics, painkillers and whatever form of entertainment the subject requires that is deemed reasonable is to be given.


Addenda 01: As the Virus continues to spread, the subject has felt more at ease with consuming and 'digesting' mechanical matter; analysis suggest that these are re-purposed into 'metallic' tissue.

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