Division Branches
Greater East Asia Branch (GEA)

The first branch that reformed into the Division today. Headed by Overlord Bane Aloe. This branch encompasses most of east Asia and Oriental countries, including a small portion of Mongolia and Azerbaijan. Currently, this branch is focused on the research and study of East Asian mythological artifacts and creatures, and the Wenzhou UFO Crash of 2014.

Western Europe and Britain Branch (WEB)

The second branch, headed by Director Chey. This branch encompasses the British Isles, including Scottish territory, France, Spain, Portugal and other countries. They are currently engaged in military technology and hardware and the implementation of paranatural weapons.

South Asian and Oceanian Branch (SAO)

The third branch, headed by Director Ran. This branch covers most of the ASEAN countries, India, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines. This branch works in tandem with GEA in the study of mythological artifacts and creatures in native East Asian and Oceanian folklore. They are currently in charge of the Pacifica Naval Research Facility, which houses at least 80 creatures and artifacts.

West Latin America Branch (WLA)

The fourth branch, headed by Director Onn. This branch covers the Western portion of South America, its neighboring islands and Southern Mexico. They are currently using the Mexican and Colombian drug cartel for economic and weapons-gathering purposes.

Mother Branch (MB)

The fifth and most recent branch to be incorporated into the modern Division, based in the Motherland. It is under the operational oversight of Director Alexandra Emiliya Ilyinishna, and has thus far proven most efficient in reactivating Division operations.

The Division is still finding more lost branches. Below is the list of yet unidentified or undiscovered branches.

Greenland Branch (GB)

Secret branch in the Greenland minicontinent. Last known director was [UNKNOWN]

Silk Road Countries Branch (SRC)

A Division branch covering most of the countries of the Silk Road, including Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Assigned as the primary reliquary of Division objects. Last known director was Los.

Micronesian Specialist Branch (MSB)

Micronesia has long been a hotspot of paranatural activity, especially of the tangential physics nature. MSB was made to protect these anomalies and study them.

Some undiscovered Division branches have started a refragmentation of their own. Below is the list of Rogue Divisions and Branches.

Aleph Dividend

A hostile rival Division made of three rogue branches. Currently, only the former Czechoslovakian Branch is identified to be part of this organization. They used to have in their possession four (4) THURA-level Artifacts, but Intelligence has discovered the loss of the said Artifacts to a yet to be identified Rival Organization. The loss of their Artifacts has reduced the Aleph Dividend to mere mercenaries that utilize outdated Division equipment in servicing local political warlords.

Zafkiel Subtrahend

The former Division Special Research Unit, stationed somewhere inside the Bermuda Triangle. The rogue group is headed by an elite group of former Vinci, Radii, and Tabaki personnel. Three (3) Kleidaria-level Artifacts, all capable of a Global Event, are currently in this group's custody. Since their separation, activity from this group has been minimal, but is nonetheless continued to be very closely monitored by the Division.

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