Loc-04: The Beach House
ANIKTOS Clearance
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University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD), Quezon City, Philippines


A small facility disguised as a canteen beside UPD’s main library, the Beach House is built by the Populi. A large number of Populi have gathered in UPD to collect information on possible scientific breakthroughs in Psychology and other relevant sciences. Junii and other Operators frequent the area to recruit students from the large number of potential Novi in the University. In [PITHOS], 2009, the Populi began establishing ‘franchise branches’ in other key universities around the Greater East Asia region, effectively increasing the amount of information that may be gathered.
The name Beach House was taken from the original Beach House in California, USA, which was also a front built by the Populi of former Division-P.

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