The Division will inevitably encounter objects of seemingly unnatural properties, possessing unknown abilities that may or may not prove to be hazardous, known hereafter as Artifacts. It is the the duty of the Division, specifically the Oculi and Vinci, to collect and preserve such items and evaluate their properties, which is the next step in uncovering more knowledge for humanity and the World.

During the formation of the Psychotronics Division, all Artifacts in the custody of the Greater East Asia Research Fragment have been re-designated. All Artifact designations will hereby begin with 01, preceded by A for Artifacts.

Every Artifact has its designated Clearance Level, which also informs all personnel about how dangerous each Artifact is.

A-01: Doogu Scroll

A-02: Ryukyu Tortoise Shell

A-03: The Serpent's Box

A-04: U-234.5

A-05: The Human Multiplier

A-06: The Labormind

A-07: Tripod

A-08: The Terminal

A-13: The Lamb of God

A-17: The Servant's Hammer

A-21: Deep Black

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