This list is about groups that support the Division.

Chaos Insurgency


The Chaos Insurgency is a splinter faction of Foundation personnel that defected in 1924 following a massive Foundation civil war. The main dispute between the two organizations is the Insurgency's willingness to use anomalous items and organisms for the benefit of humanity, whereas the Foundation stores and contains potentially helpful and beneficial items.

Items retrieved by the Chaos Insurgency must be useful and exploitable, as to further the Insurgency' goals in global control. The Insurgency also deals in weapons running and intelligence gathering, and is allied to Third World countries, ensuring that the populations and state of those countries are kept in disarray and turmoil, to continue its easy conscription of personnel and test subjects, funding and technology. Leaders of these countries pay the Insurgency to do all this, in return, the Insurgency promises that those countries will be the first to be a better humanity.

The Insurgency's organization is divided, decentralized but connected and allied, so in the event of even half or seven-eighths of the Insurgency being destroyed, they are still self-sufficient and capable of fast rebuilding. This has become the pride of the Insurgency, as it shows that our cause is unstoppable and that our operators are committed in blood.

Serpent's Hand


The Serpent's Hand is a group of individuals who believe that the supernatural should not be suppressed or kept secret. Their individual ideologies can vary a great deal, as can their methods. They're more of a loose political movement than a concrete organization. The membership varies from normal humans who want to show what they've learned to others to those gifted with extranormal abilities, and even to non-human entities that desire the acceptance of human society.

Despite the Hand's close association with the Library, there is no official link between the two. The Library serves as a base of operations and general meeting place for the Hand, but the Hand has no ownership over it in any meaningful sense.

There is no centralized command of the Serpent's Hand, with dozens of different factions and splinter groups each acting out their agenda under the name of the Serpent's Hand. This lack of organization is a function of the Hand's sole criteria for membership being "a willingness to consider oneself a member of the Hand." More than anything, the Serpent's Hand is an umbrella for those who wish to understand the worlds a bit better. It makes no demands of its members, nor gives any promises.

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