AID 013 The Hazardous Video File

Codename: AID-013

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: All personnel should not attempt to open the Artifact, which is an mp4 video file at all, failure in which will result in serious harmful side effects up to death.

Description: AID-013 (known to RPC as RPC-702) is a full video footage taken by a 28-year-old ███████ ███████ during his killing spree in Christchurch, NZ. During it he livestreamed the first 17 minutes of the attack on Facebook which has now taken down.

AID-013 caused those who viewed it to display harmful side-effects ranging from nausea to psychosis and death.

Initially AID-013 was housed in RPC covert facility at Funston Ave, San Francisco but under the orders of their director, the instance is permanently expunged and all the antidotes/sedatives that could counteract its effects destroyed before the very designation of RPC-702 was released for re-use. Fortunately our sleeper agents inside RPC has covertly obtained a copy of the Artifact and its report, which was safely transported to Tartarum-2.

Addendum: Herein attached is a copy of RPC's report of AID-013 (RPC 702) prior to neutralization.

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