A-17: The Servant's Hammer
PULON Clearance
A-17 found outside Division Gulag after failed uprising
Physical Description

The object is a worn hammer with a sledge handle and a tarnished head. It is 2 times the weight of a hammer similar to it. The underside of the hammer has the word "Commit" engraved in Russian.

Paranatural Properties

When the object is handled by an employed human, henceforth designated the 'Master' subject, it will create megalomaniacal tendencies in the subject that increases with the amount of time handling the object. Other effects of this tendency include the feeling of superiority amongst the subject's colleagues and a neurotic disposition, which reduces the subject's desire to interact or communicate with his fellow workers.

24 hours after the onset of primary Master symptoms, the hammer's physical condition will begin to alter slightly; the head would slowly gain luster and strength, the material of the handle will transform into a more durable material, iron, in most cases. The subject will have an increased sense of self-worth and esteem. The subject will also become quieter but more calculating and will display a dislike for his profession and rebellious tendencies towards his superiors.


Item was part of the original Labormind statue, being one of the tools found on his 'head'. The object was not originally created alongside the statue, but was created four months after the Labormind, after testing discovered that the amount of tools made with the anomalous rock amplified the statue's properties.

Storage/Containment Procedures

Item is kept contained inside a keypad-accessed blastproof safe. The safe is kept in the 4th Vinci Corps station of the [THURA] facility in the GEAR branch.

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