A-13: The Lamb of 'God'
A photograph of A-13 after initial recovery.
Physical Description

A very large bronze cog of some sort, with a diameter of 5" 4' and a height of 4" 5', weighing about 1 megaton. A-13 had to be moved to containment using [KLEIDARIA]. In the middle is a bowl-like indentation containing an axle, which would only turn clockwise with no perceivable effect.

Paranatural Properties

A-13 does not seem to exhibit any paranatural properties whatsoever. It's strange since at the extraction and encounter with [KLEIDARIA], A-03 apparently held very strong psychotronic and ktisilogical properties, including [KLEIDARIA]. Further analysis of the extraction and encounter is highly recommended, as A-13's was initially observed to be capable of a Phenomenal Event1


A-13's effects manifested during [KLEIDARIA] and an elite Extraction team of [PITHOS] Tabaki, Oculi, and Mercurii Operators of at least Colonel rank was dispatched. The effects of A-13's ktisilogical pulses were traced to [KLEIDARIA], and within an hour the Extraction team was transported using the [KLEIDARIA] prototype from the Radii Corps. When the team arrived at the site assets from numerous Rival Organizations were already engaging in combat. [KLEIDARIA], as hostiles guarding A-13 were deathly adamant in doing so. The Extraction team [KLEIDARIA], as they were forced to defend their positions from hostiles from the numerous RO's, most especially the robed and highly tattooed hostiles from [KLEIDARIA]. [KLEIDARIA] and A-13 was successfully extracted and transported to Tartarum-2

Storage/Containment Procedures

After [KLEIDARIA], A-13 is deemed to be a Crosshair, and as such is to be put under heavy guard and non-stop surveillance. A-13 is to be placed in [KLEIDARIA], Tartarum-2 with two(2) pairs of Tabaki and Kadenii Guards of at least Major rank holding 3-hour rotation shifts. As for research, only Rad. Gen. [KLEIDARIA] and his selected Operators may handle the Artifact.

Addendum A-13/01

Further contact from a group calling themselves the "Church of the Broken God" further consolidates A-13's designation as a [PITHOS] Artifact. A specially selected squad of Tabaki Operators are hereby recommended to take preemptive measures including, but not limited to [KLEIDARIA], in ensuring the security of A-13 from external elements.

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