C-09: The Boogeyman
A photograph of A-12 during containment. Unfortunately, the Operator who took the photo died shortly afterward.
Physical Description

Apparently a bald Caucasian male, presumably Russian according to his accent, standing 2.30 meters tall and weighing 298 pounds. A-12 is always donned in a black cloak seemingly possessing paranatural properties. Although A-13 looks human, it is not in any way, shape or form a living organism. A-12 claims to have been formed by human fear.

Paranatural Properties

A-12 is actually two(2) distinct Artifacts. The figure maintaining the form of a human has deadly psychotronic properties, interfering with an individual's ability to perceive reality, possibly even ktisilogical in nature. The black shroud engulfing the figure, however, is capable of paranatural existence in a dimension at any given time.


A-12 was encountered during a routine patrol by Tabaki of the WEB Branch at [KLEIDARIA] when agents of [PITHOS] were captured, all of them pale and near-hysterical. When they were brought in for questioning, they described [PITHOS]. Immediately, Ophy Point Command contacted [PITHOS] for assistance in capturing A-12 in exchange for the captured agents. [KLEIDARIA]. After which A-13 was given in to Division custody, as [PITHOS] admitted that it had no way of containing A-12.

Storage/Containment Procedures

Due to A-12's highly dangerous nature, only selected Kadenii may be cleared to guard it at an ever-changing location in Tartarum-2, accessible only to the selected Kadenii guards. Even though the Division is well-equipped to contain A-12, admittedly the Division is currently lacking in sufficient equipment and information about A-12 to even attempt to study it.

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