A-07: Tripod
THURA Clearance
A declassified photograph of A-07 after initial recovery.
Physical Description

A tripod made of light oak wood, standing nearly 1M tall, with a mysterious black box attached on top. The tripod itself is very much corroded by age, and extreme caution when handling is advised. However, the black object on top, presumably a box, is made up of a metal very much similar to that of <A-04>. Inside is a human incisior and an old photo of an individual, both belonging to a certain[THURA] after further documentation1. Scans by the Mercurii Corps reveal a presence of glowing, oozing [PITHOS], possibly possessing psionic and/or psychotronic properties.

Paranatural Properties

The tripod, despite its size, is not paranatural in anyway. The oblong box on top, however, is a highly-powerful [PITHOS], and objects like it have been reported all over the World. However, the high concentration of psionic [PITHOS] suggests that the box is possibly [PITHOS] in origin. It allows an individual to possess psionic, psychotronic, and paranatural abilities2


Documentation from A-07's previous owner, [PITHOS] in [THURA], 1930 reveals that he claimed he received it from [KLEIDARIA]. Although A-07 is in itself an evidence of this claim, it was deemed ridiculous by the World, putting every future activity of A-04's previous owner in media circuses for the laughable stories. This was a fortunate turn of events as the then-GRU Division-P was able to provide a sleeper cell near [THURA], A-07's location at the time. A-07's previous owner then proceeded to construct [THURA] by himself, utilizing A-07's properties in order to prove to the World the existence of [PITHOS]. The sleeper agents quietly eliminated [PITHOS] just after the construction of [THURA], and replaced A-07 with a replica.

A-04 was retrieved during Operation [KLEIDARIA], along with [ANIKTOS].

Storage/Containment Procedures

A-04 is very much controllable, and personnel are in no immediate threat from exposure. A-07 is to be placed in a Standard Artifact room with two (2) Kadenii guards at any given time. Further research is cleared to all Vincii and Radii holding at least THURA clearances and to Vulcanii and Mercurii of at least PITHOS clearances for possible Gear prototype. Refer to Addenda.

Addendum A-07/01
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