A-06: The Labormind
THURA Clearance
Physical Description

Precisely 649 Irregularly-shaped bronze shards of different sizes. Some shards have already started turning green with age.

Paranatural Properties

Very much like the Labormind, exposure to A-06 would produce a near obsessive-compulsive feeling of achieving an objective, even when there is no plausible way of doing it. However, Unlike the Labormind, exposure could be controlled by controlling the amount of fragments given to the building. Subjects would still say "Job's Done." repeatedly upon accomplishing a certain objective, which could be anything.


The Labormind, a bronze statue that exhibited eerie psychotronic properties, was lost during the Fragmentation of 1991. However, A [KLEIDARIA] Squad, led by Ocl. Maj. [PITHOS], successfully retrieved numerous fragments of the Labormind during [KLEIDARIA].

Storage/Containment Procedures

Since knowledge of how to control exposure to A-06 is available, A-06 is currently placed in a standard Artifact Room with one (1) Kadenus on guard duty at any time, with each shard placed in a unit of Eq-003. Further research into utilizing A-06 for Division purposes is authorized.

Addendum A-06/01

It was found that subjects exposed to A-06 would follow spoken orders zealously once received. However, in pursuing this order, the amount of rashness perceived in the subject was directly proportional to how many shards were present at the subjects' immediate vicinity. Hence, 30 shards would compel an individual to blindly rush about in trying to accomplish even a task as simple as opening a door. [PITHOS]. Further research is recommended.

Addendum A-06/02

Further testing indicates that A-06's effectiveness varies according to its size, amount, and number of individuals to be affected. After [THURA], it was found that 30 shards would not have the same terrifying effect if it was exposed to 30 persons. However, since a single shard still affects the body's ability to produce [THURA], Further coordination with Vin. Col. [PITHOS] is advised before turning custody over to the Vulcanii Corps.

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