A-05: The Human Multiplier
Details of one of the statues.
Physical Description

A-05 takes the form of two terracotta soldiers, similar to those of [THURA] in China. Studies reveal that even their physical composition is made up of purely ordinary terracotta of ancient China, probably during the Chou or Chin/Qin Dynasties. The soldiers themselves are not statues, but a sarcophagus-like objects spacious enough for a human with a large build and at most 230 meters in height. The opening or cover of the sarcophagus is attached onto the main container by gold-coated copper hinges. The soldiers look very identical which may pose problems for designations. Plastic labels are attached to each soldier, designated as A-05-1 and A-05-2. Field personnel prefer to call them Chou and Chin respectively.

Paranatural Properties

Revealed by chance, when Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA] was inspecting the interior of A-05-1, the sarcophagus accidentally closed upon him. Personnel on-site tried to open the sarcophagus but failed. After approximately ten (10) minutes, Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA] emerged from A-05-2, naked and slightly malnourished. Personnel then began inquiring him as to how he emerged from the Chin, to which he replied, "I don't know, guys. Wasn't I inspecting Chou? I didn't even know that I've been trapped for ten minutes. What? Am I naked? What's wrong with that?" Subsequently, another Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA] emerged from A-05-1. He was apparently nauseous and terrified. Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA] collapsed after seeing his "twin", who even called him "Master". The "twin" is immediately detained for further questioning.

It may be concluded that A-05 are cloning machines, with A-05-1 acting as a receiving chamber and A-05-2 acting as an output chamber. Cloning appears to apply only to the bodies of any subjects placed in Chou, and does not extend to clothes or other material. Further testing is required.


Discovered in a ruined desert temple in [PITHOS], China. Pop. Sgt. [THURA], who was posing as an archaeologist, informed Oculi based in China of possible paranatural properties of the two terracotta soldiers which appear very similar to those in the tombs in [THURA]. Oculi immediately retrieved A-05 and replaced them with replicas, which the archaeology team brought to a laboratory for dating and testing.

Storage/Containment Procedures

A-05 are immediately moved to Tartarum-2, at [KLEIDARIA]. Six (6) Kadenii guards are to be present at all times. Three (3) guards are assigned outside the containment chamber, and three (3) guards are assigned inside the chamber, behind [PITHOS] shutter doors. Only personnel with KLEIDARIA and/or ADELOS clearance may access A-05 for testing or analysis.

In the event that an individual enters A-05-1 without proper clearance, A-05-2 is to be immediately moved to a separate watertight chamber and submerged in ordinary water. This procedure will eliminate any clones that emerge from A-05-2 without destroying the sarcophagus. Whenever a clone emerges, Kadenii are now able to remove the intruder from A-05-1, and may detain or eliminate him as needed.

Addendum A-05/01

Following the initial incident involving Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA], who has been requested to reenter A-05-1, the second and third clones appear smaller and gravely malnourished. The second clone is under custody of Mercuri of [PITHOS] and the third clone died within minutes of emergence. Vinci hypotheses are currently untested and inconclusive.

Addendum A-05/02

Three weeks after containment of A-05-1 and A-05-2, Pop. Sgt. [THURA] informed all China-based Oculi of a third terracotta sarcophagus in the same excavation site, apparently similar to Chou and Chin. Oculi retrieved the object, now designated as A-05-3, replaced it with a replica, and moved it to Tartarum-2, in the same chamber as A-05-1 and A-05-2. The purpose of A-05-3, hereby informally named as Han, is still unknown. Further testing required.

Addendum A-05/03

A-05-3 is found to previously contain organic matter, as dead bacterial colonies were found in its interior. Vinci assume that Han is actually a container for nutrients to be converted into a clone by Chou. Exeperimentation access has been granted.

Addendum A-05/04

Testing is successful. The fourth clone appears to be healthy after A-05-3 was filled with food items that weigh approximately the same as Vnc. Lt. [KLEIDARIA]. Any additional clones are hereby designated as A-05 Clone-01 onwards. All current three clones appear to exhibit lower intelligence, skills, and physical performance compared to their "Master". Vinci hypothesize that this is so because the clones were practically days old, and their minds are similar to those of newborn human babies. The clones are also submissive to their "Master" and have almost no sense of independence. Furthermore, the first clone died of apparently old age, approximately five weeks after its birth. The clones do not seem to be capable of surviving any longer than five or six weeks, as their cells rapidly oxidize and decay at a very high rate.

The Division sees this as an opportunity to produce test subjects on a massive scale, but only when needed. Any clones are still viewed as humans and must be recognized accordingly.

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