A-04: U-234.5
ADELOS Clearance
A declassified photograph of A-04 prior to "fluctuation" research.
Physical Description

A World War II era Type XB U-Boat of the Nazi Kriegsmarine. 90m x 10m. A-04 was initially designed to be a minelayer-type submarine, but was later on tasked with a delivery of [PITHOS] to the Empire of Japan. Design conforms with those of standardized Type X and Type XB U-Boats, including diesel engines and electric motors. Inside the submarine were several blueprints and schematics, cargo containers of [PITHOS] including [PITHOS].

Paranatural Properties

Initially, there was nothing paranatural about the submarine. It was only when it was purchased by a relatively popular antique collector in [ADELOS] that paranatural properties began to manifest themselves around the submarine.

The owner, in an interview by Populi posing as psychics and mediums, claimed that at times, A-04 would disappear and then reappear. He calls this effect "fluctuation". Fluctuation of the U-Boat typically happens randomly every evening, from 8:07 PM to 10:32 PM Japan Standard Time. Apart from this, the U-Boat seems to be able to [KLEIDARIA]. Other properties were discovered later on during containment. See Addendum A-04/01.
Oculi and Populi were able to recruit the antique collector into the Vinci Corps, thus rendering the U-Boat under the custody of the Division.


The owner, before being recruited into the Division, placed A-04 in his mansion in [PITHOS], Japan. He claims that his father had a contact in the Black Market for WWII vehicles, and introduced him to a person named "Mr. Nobody", from which he bought the U-Boat. Unfortunately, Mr. Nobody could not be traced through the father, who drowned in a civilian ferry accident three days after the purchase.
Tracing of the submarine's origins through historical records is inconclusive, as WWII records of the Third Reich's Kriegsmarines were mostly destroyed or lost during the Allied attack on Berlin.

Storage/Containment Procedures

Upon recruitment, which [PITHOS] surprisingly accepted without any hesitation, A-04 was moved to Tartarum-2. Following the discovery of more of its paranatural properties, clearance level was upgraded from PITHOS to KLEIDARIA. See Addendum A-04/02. All personnel and Operators with clearance for accessing A-04 must be escorted by three (3) Kadenii at all times during the ADELOS clearance duration.

Addendum A-04/01

Immediately after containment in Tartarum-2, A-04 exhibited another unique property. Nov. Vnc. Pvt. [PITHOS], the former owner of A-04, named this effect "metal transmissibility" as any metals that come into direct, tactile contact of A-04 exhibit similar properties as A-04, except metal transmissibility itself. The affected metals are hereby immediately designated as PITHOS. There is no known time limit for this effect.

Addendum A-04/02

After further testing with other metals, A-04 is hereby designated by three (3) Kaisers, upon notification of the Overlord, as ADELOS. It was also discovered that melting was the only way to remove the effects on all metal objects that come into contact with A-04. Nov. Vnc. Pvt. [PITHOS] is tasked to research on possible uses of A-04.

Addendum A-04/03

In a report filed by Nov. Vnc. Pvt. [PITHOS], the fluctuation of A-04 is actual proof of its cross-existence in different dimensions. Metal transmissibility exhibited by A-04 is also existent in only a certain grade of steel, [KLEIDARIA]. Requests for production of weaponized prototypes of metals that came into tactile contact with A-04 has been granted.

Addendum A-04/04

Prototype for the Mosin-Nagato Mk. II rifles has been finalized. The Mk. II contains a steel hammer of [KLEIDARIA] grade steel, thus rendering all bullets fired from the weapon capable of cross-existence in several dimensions. Initial weapons test results on [KLEIDARIA] were remarkable. Division Command looks forward to using an improved version of the Mosin-Nagato, especially against paranatural threats.

Addendum A-04/05

Following GO 9183, intensive testing has begun on A-04, although results can only be published after three (3) weeks to ensure that A-04's properties and capabilities are fully analyzed. Rad. Vnc. Maj. [PITHOS] is tasked with submitting a manufacturable prototype five (5) days after results are released, until then, no other Operator may handle A-04 for any reason.

Addendum A-04/06

The Mosin-Nagato Mk. II rifles have passed all tech evaluation tests and are now the standard rifle of Division Operators. Use of A-04 for further weapons production is hereafter authorized.

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