A-03: The Faceless Man
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ADELOS Clearance
Photograph of A-03 after initial recovery.
Physical Description

A faceless male, with physical features like a normal human being, save for the face. A-03 stands roughly 157 cm in height, but attempts to gauge A-03's weight have failed, regardless of the degree of complexity of the weighting equipment used. A-03 does not exhibit hostility, nor does any Operator have any feelings of anxiousness when dealing with A-03.1. A-03 does not exhibit in any way a need for physiological treatment and maintenance, suggesting that it is not in fact an organism.

Paranatural Properties

A-03 is silent, but it can reportedly interact with Division personnel within its immediate vicinity using a sort of telepathic communication, and even supposedly prove itself knowledgeable in a wide range of topics. Surprisingly, it has made known to the Division that it is not singular in existence, as [KLEIDARIA]. Refer to Addendum A-03/01.


Strangely, A-03 surrendered itself to Division Operatives situated in [THURA], Mongolia. Operatives reported readings of multiple dimensions being opened prior to contact with A-03. Ktisilogical Wave Counters registered pulses of [PITHOS] pulses per second(Kp/s), suggesting that A-03 has yet undisclosed Ktisilogical Properties.

Storage/Containment Procedures

[DATA OBSOLETE]. Refer to Addendum A-03/01.

Addendum A-03/01

Due to the lack of information on A-03, and the possibility of multiples of it in existence, a specialized unit of Oculi and Kadenii Operators are to be assembled for the retrieval of MO's exhibiting A-03's "facelessness". A-03 will be given to the custody of the Kadenii Corps for further evaluation regarding containment.

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