A-02: Ryukyu Tortoise Shell
PULON Clearance
Image of A-02 in containment.
Physical Description

A tortoise’s top shell. Such items are very common in Ryukyu, as the shell is used in Kobudo, a Ryukyu/Okinawa martial art that uses a short, stabbing spear and a turtle/tortoise shell as a shield. There are no other physical markings and characteristics that would suggest that this shell is unique from the others.

Paranatural Properties

The shell is very different from the other Kobudo shields, as it possesses extremely high resilience against physical weapons, including bullets and a standard RPG-7. See Addendum A-02/01. Apart from physical resistance, the shell is equal to an non-paranatural shell in all aspects.


Ocl. Sgt. [THURA] was on official leave and is allegedly taking a vacation in [PITHOS], Ryukyu, when she came into contact with A-02. She immediately noted the fact that no spear can pierce nor dent the shell, and notified Division Command in Japan and Taiwan. She purchased the shield under the guise that she wanted a souvenir and brought it to [PITHOS].

Storage/Containment Procedures

There are no other paranatural effects associated with A-02. It is thus deemed safe to handle by any personnel. However, Ocl. Sgt. [THURA] requested that Division Command to upgrade its clearance level, as A-02 may be used as a weapon against the Division. See Addendum A-02/02. A-02 is currently housed at [KLEIDARIA] for testing and experimentation.

Addendum A-02/01

Vinci of Team [ADELOS] initiated testing on the shell. So far, it has proved resilient and "…unscathed." to any physical weapons, including heavy machine guns, an RPG-7, and a simulated Sabot round, which reportedly "…flattened itself onto the shell due to its high velocity." Another paranatural property that may be observed is the shell's high resistance to momentum, despite its relatively light weight.

The shell was tested for the presence of ‘diamond dust’ or particles of diamond laced within its structure. Tests results were negative. Geiger counters did not detect any presence of radioactive shielding on its surface. The shell’s composition was, in fact, very similar to those of tortoises that inhabit Ryukyu.

Vinci could only surmise that the shell’s indestructibility is caused by Tangential Physics. Radii Vinci under command of Rds. Vnc. Lt. [PITHOS] are assigned to further study the shell.

Addendum A-02/02

Due to reports of its physical resilience and high resistance to momentum, A-02 is re-designated from ANIKTOS to PULON. The Radii in charge of A-02 research have tested [THURA] against its exterior. A-02 was observed to have no resistance whatsoever against weapons with [THURA] properties.

Addendum A-02/03

Following GO 9183, research on A-02 has been intensified. Procedures used, including, but not limited to, [THURA] have yielded satisfactory results regarding A-02's full capabilities:

  • Physical Near-Invulnerability
    • A-02 was observed to be able to fully absorb all incoming kinetic energy, meaning that all conventional small-arms ordinance will be completely obsolete against vestments produced from A-02. Larger ordinance used reveal that A-02 will only protect areas directly under its coverage.
  • Regeneration
    • When damaged by using [THURA], it was found that with any contact with matter with kinetic energy, A-02 would regenerate itself proportionally to the amount of kinetic energy it absorbed. The part of the shell cut from A-02 using [THURA] would still be able to regenerate, albeit it can only be in the same shape and size as when it was cut from A-02.
Addendum A-02/04

The research team has been granted access to light- and photon-based weaponry for testing on A-02. It may be possible that A-02 is invulnerable to physical weapons, but not against waveform weaponry.

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