A-01: Doogu Scroll
ANIKTOS Clearance
Photograph of A-01 after initial recovery.
Physical Description

A very thick paper scroll with dimensions 320cm x 16cm. Inscribed in black and red ink are symbols very similar to the Japanese Hiragana script. The knot on the scroll seems impossible to unlock as any attempt to untie it causes the individual in question to lose consciousness, even when using mechanical means. Researchers estimate that the age of the scroll is approximately 6,000 to 7,000 years, when the Japanese archipelago was newly settled.

Paranatural Properties

Despite A-01’s advanced age, it appears to be only slightly by organic decomposition. However, it is not indestructible. In fact, its structure is very frail compared to ordinary paper. See Addendum A-01/01.


Oculi [THURA] of the former Greater East Asia Research Branch were alerted of the existence of a "God" scroll displayed in a museum in [THURA], Japan. Said Oculi successfully infiltrated the museum and replaced the scroll with a replica. A-01 was then placed under the custody of the Branch.

Storage/Containment Procedures

A-01 shows no signs of affecting any personnel who come into contact with, or is in close proximity with it, save for those with the intent of opening the scroll. Division Detectors show no unusual readings. A-01 is currently placed in a standard Artifact Room with one (1) Kadenus on guard duty at any time.

Addendum A-01/01

Preliminary analysis reports that there is a distinct possibility that whatever is written on the scroll exudes psychotronic properties, as all individuals who were affected by A-01 remembered dreaming strange symbols. Decryption of symbols is inconclusive, as very little information about ancient Japanese writing systems are available to the Division. A number of Vinci presented the possibility that the scroll is of Doogu origin, believed to be the ancestors and/or extraterrestrial benefactors of the early Japanese. Vinci assume that the scroll may be an alien Artifact of specific purpose, and must be unlocked immediately. Vincus Captain [THURA] recommends appropriate name change and also requests the formation of a research expedition to [PITHOS], Japan to research on ancient Japanese writing systems.

Addendum A-01/02

A-01’s name is hereby changed from “Ancient Japanese Scroll” to “Doogu Scroll”, following recommendations of Vincus Captain [THURA]. Request for research expedition granted. A team of one (1) Vincus Captain and three (3) Vinci 1st Lieutenants have been dispatched to [PITHOS], Japan. Members of the expedition are [THURA]. Vincus Captain [THURA] requests specimen extraction for analysis and test purposes.

Addendum A-01/03

Request for specimen extraction granted. Vincus Captain [THURA] is limited to cut off a 2cm x 4cm blank strip from A-01 for further structural analysis. Request for specimen analysis and testing granted. Vulcanus Sergeant [THURA] and her team are hereby ordered to cooperate with Vincus Captain [THURA] and his team.

Addendum A-01/04

Test completed. The paper fiber used for A-01 is made of organic matter not known to man. Microscopic analysis shows chemical bonds similar to those of carbon fiber. Compounds present in fiber are complex combinations of cellulose, carbohydrates, free carbon, and [PITHOS]. No known creature is able to produce fibers similar to those that make up A-01. However, fiber replication and manufacture is feasible. Requesting for experimentation on replication of A-01 fiber.

Addendum A-01/05

Request for replication experimentation granted. Two (2) additional Kadenii are hereby dispatched to protect specimen and any successful replicates that may be produced.

Addendum A-01/06

Expedition assets reveal that inscriptions found on the scroll are similar to ancient Ainu [PULON] talismans that grant limited resistance to psychotronics. Based on the amount and complexity of the inscriptions on A-01, it is presumed that A-01 grants an excellent resistance to psychotronics.

Addendum A-01/07

Replication experiments reveal a high possibility of A-01 being able to emit [KLEIDARIA]. Rds. Col. [PITHOS] reports about the possibility of the manufacture of Gear based on A-01's anomalous structure. Several replicas were requested by the Vinci and Vulcanii Corps, but official approval is yet to be issued.

Addendum A-01/08

Following [THURA], intensive research has been conducted on A-01, though only Rds. Col. [PITHOS] is the only Operator allowed to advise The Vinci and Vulcanii personnel on designs for Gear prototypes from A-01 replicas. Research results will only be accessed by aqcuiring ADELOS clearance by Radii of at least PITHOS clearance and with a rank of at least Colonel.

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