A-21: Deep Black
The substance during the experiment.
Physical Appearance and Characteristics

The artifact consists of two elements: The first is a twenty-liter glass container sealed with a lid of the same material. On the side of this has a white label where it has written "# 09" '. The container seems closed to the vacuum, but once opened and when exposed to oxygen, it will reveal a thick dark blue liquid. The liquid appears to be composed of a mixture of nutrients, modafinil, CPH4 and [PITHOS]. The second element is a series of 19 flasks of 500 milliliters with a dark liquid. Studies have shown the existence of gray matter residues and a substance not yet identified.

Paranatural Effects and Properties

When the substance of the container is mixed with a drop of liquid from one of the flasks, it will become completely dark. If this substance is injected directly into a person's brain, it will acquire a learning and teaching ability superior to that of the average subject. IQ tests have shown that subjects show an IQ of between 135 and [PITHOS]. The intellectual ability of the subject will be related to a military activity and will be determined by the flask from which the second substance has been removed.

Source or Origin

The substances were found in a facility in [THURA], where the former GRU Division P maintained some of its clandestine experiments. The container and the flasks were found in a refrigerated vault, whose source of energy seemed to come from [KLEIDARIA].

Storage/Containment Procedures

A-21 will remain in the cryogenic chamber of the facility [KLEIDARIA]. Two (2) guards will watch the entrance of this one with change of shift every twelve (12) hours. Access to the camera will only be done during experimentation and use under the authorization of the Division Commander.

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