A-03:The Serpent's Box

ANIKTOS Clearance

Physical Description
A-03 is a normal box from the outside, with a front sign saying "D-01" in front of the A-03 check box aged 87,3000 years

Paranatural Properties
A-03 will always teleport itself to "The Wanderers 'Library" and the re-examination found that the A-03 is still a database of "The Wanderers' Library" as well. The A-03 can also be used to monitor the input devices.

A-03 is found in some places. If you want to know, addendum A-03/02

Storage/Containment Procedures

addendum A-03/01
he A-03 is the supernatural nature of The Serpent's Hand [Monner]

addendum A-03/02
A-03 is found by Oculi [Jiku] who is searching for and looking at the abnormalities

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