"The Lost Facility"

Later this day, on 2012, Vinci Corp was designated to explore the ashes that GRU Division "P" left near the cold Siberian area. An GRU Division "P" flag and an Soviet flag was seen from the distance from the mountains, some hours later of hiking, they reached the main entrance of it, the entrance door broken and unlocked, Vinci Corp operator begin searching the area, they would notice screaming and strange noises from the 2rd research sector checkpoint, some audio log has been found from the exploration

V-1: Commander, it seems like i hear screaming

V-Commander: Ok, then V-2, V-3 is staying with me exploring the main research zone, V-1 V-4 V-5 go explore where the noise is.

"Some minutes later after entering in the 2rd research sector checkpoint"

V-2: I smell toxic gaz somewhere here.

V-1: Seems strange, i see a radio signal in the distance

V-3: Let's check it.

"Audio Log cuts out after, the exploration team was lost during the exploration, the Audio Log comes back after 29 hours, hearing screaming, blood falling and food steps from on creature, disconnects after foot steps gets closer to the Audio"

The group with the commanders returned back, but the other team was lost, they claim they have died out from a breached creature or on hostile anomaly, the commander and the group wrote the entrance and main research zone, they also heard something eating a human after going a bit closer to 2rd research sector checkpoint. Further investigation and exploration will be scheduled at 2019, February.

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