Psychotronics Division

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Welcome to the Database of the Psychotronics Division.

All Operators, be advised: Updating of the Database is of the utmost importance in the coming weeks. Dr.Mercurii and Dr.Kadenii Corps are to be put on high alert as all Artifacts, Gear, and Facilities are to be appraised.

A Message from the OVERLORD

"Due to the rapid increase in the number of our Operators, inconsistencies in the Databanks have increased as well. This is inevitable, as each individual has their own mindset and skills. All Operators are hereby requested to analyze the previous entries, and update the Databanks in accordance with spelling, writing style, etc. Remember, young souls: DIVIDED, WE ARE ONE."

Ophy Lon

"I know that due to the various, tedious preoccupations of our Operators that our database has not been updated for a while, but I will assure you with a solid tone: we are not dead - the Division's Databanks have not been hacked, nor compromised - we are simply on hiatus. However, we are alive. We are not dead and I promise you the Database will be updated as soon as our times allow it. Please be patient, Operators of the Division, we are coming back. I have temporarily changed the security of this database to open, so anyone could freely join. To those concerned souls, now is the time to join us and aid in our glorious struggle. With you, we will fight."

"And together, we will close the curtains to the theater of war"

Inside the Division:

Retrieved Artifact:


Due to the Database Update, posting of Retrieved Artifacts will not be continued until further notice.

Official Brother Site:

Chaos Isurgency - Big Brother Site.

The Novus Survival Zone:

Featured Report:

"Can't win 'em all!"

It was supposed to be fucking easy. Snatch 'n Grab, that's what they told us…

Novus Report Thread:


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The Division Daily:

Join the Division!

The Division is in need of new recruits, and those who are willing to offer their lives for the Division's cause are always welcome to do so.

Operator Forum:


16 Apr 2019 15:58 By Josemanuel7871Josemanuel7871

Hello, everyone.

13 Sep 2018 15:16 By Guo JiaGuo Jia

Let us begin.
03 Nov 2017 05:12 By Yorick1Yorick1


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The Division Coffee and Pastries Store
The hub for discussing about ideas, projects, canons and other casual things.
11 Mar 2014 23:09 By DrCaduceusDrCaduceus

How to expand the Canon?
Thinking about writing articles for the Division? Here's what you need to find out.
07 Aug 2013 07:56 By Trinity_ElishTrinity_Elish

Possible Artifacts
All Operators, post your Marked Objects (MO's) here for evaluation. Note that not all MO's will be deemed Artifacts, but all Operators are encouraged to submit as much as they can! Being an Operator is a thankless occupation, but so is the quest for the next step in the evolution of mankind! Hunt on, Operators!
24 Jul 2013 08:00 By Trinity_ElishTrinity_Elish

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