Item 162


Codename:The Vengeful Spirit

Danger level:WARPER

Procedures: Item #162 should be kept in a 10-by-10 meter cell made of the same material #2's cell is made of. I forgot the material's name, but it was to prevent WARPER class characters from escaping.

Appearance: Item #162 resembles a mix of the older [REDACTED] we have classified as Item #30, and the [REDACTED] from the third [REDACTED]. It's eyes resemble the ones from those weird Jack-o-lantern masks that [REDACTED] attraction would've sold. The ones with bars in the eyes. Item #162 has large, fleshy, bat-like wings portruding from its shoulders, and it has some missing suit parts, showing the endo. Specially in the, uh… crotch area, the lower right arm, and it has missing covering in its right foot. It also has horrid looking yellow eyes dangling over its snout.

Behavior: Item #162 will always be active, flying around its cell for some reason or another. Upon catching the employees' sight, it will force itself into their view in any way. If stared at too long, it WILL strike, passing through any surface in the way, even through its cell to jumpscare the poor soul it finds. Fortunately, Item #162 only seeks living beings, so an Afton Guard or two can handle and recontain Item #162. So far, #162 has not shown killing intent, but who knows what the future will bring. The entry will be updated accordingly, if it harms people.

Note from Dr. Teal:Strangely enough, Item #162 can speak. It has screamed out, yelling to "That coward Afton!" to come to him so he can "avenge" something it is incredibly vague about. I therefore warn any and all employees to outright IGNORE Item #162, and make sure Mr. Afton never goes anywhere near its cell.

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