Codename: IID-002

Description: On 3th May 1948, the USSR fell under attack by an unknown entity designated "Paranormal Iron" And Next 3 Day Later, Agent John M. Search Parnormal Iron From All Report And Divison Know Paranormal Iron Is Fake And Divison Never Back Report Paranormal Iron…

Operation 980A


1. Search Paranormal Iron

2. Create The New Facility For Search "Paranormal Iron"

  • Dr Jimmy Light Golden.
  • Dr Yuli.
  • Security Pee.
  • Agent John Mike.

1.) Team Dr.Yuli And Team A. John Mike Search Paranormal Iron.

2.) Dr.Jimmy Light G. Woke about Create New Facility.

3.) Security Pee. As a Guard For New Facility.

4.) End.

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