Global Occult Coalitions
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Welcome To GOC

We are Hero.

You are us.


You Mission

Is Kill all Paranormal Item

And See ye,

Class Item Name(CIN)

KTE(Know Threat Entity) Known Threat Entities are those paranormal entities which have been clearly identified as Threats and slated for response.
UTE(Unknow Threat Entity) Unknown Threat Entities are those parathreats whose existence can be inferred, but whose identity has not been positively established.
PTE(Potential Threat Entity) Potential Threat Entities are paranormal entities who are not yet considered Threats, but have a high likelihood of becoming Threats.
LTE(Liquidated Threat Entity) Threat Entities that have been confirmed destroyed. Records maintained for archival purposes only.






  1. Survival:The Global Occult Coalition shall hold the survival of the human race against all threats paranormal, parascientific, and paratemporal as their highest mission, superseding all others.
  2. Concealment:As knowledge of parathreats would result in mass panic and heavy casualties among the human population, the Global Occult Coalition shall conceal the existence of said parathreats from the general public.
  3. Protection:Although considered expendable if necessary in pursuit of the First Mission, individual human beings (including operatives of the GOC) shall be protected whenever possible.
  4. Destruction:As the existence of parathreats is in itself anathema to the survival of the human race, no unnecessary risks are to be taken to ensure the survival of parathreats.
  5. Education:The Global Occult Coalition shall make every effort to expand the base of knowledge regarding parathreats.
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