Personnel Clearances

Operator Clearances:

All Operators are considered equal in skill, and every member is expected to accomplish all missions in exceptional fashion. However, in the Division, experience in dealing with artifacts is often the difference between accomplishment and failure. Thus, every Operative is given certain levels of clearances that designate what type of missions they are given.


Operators with Archimedes-level clearance are usually those who have completed below 10 missions and have yet to make contact with more than 5 Artifacts. In accordance with their clearance, and though they can partake in missions that involve a Eureka-class Artifact, they are not allowed to handle them, and are briefed only on the day a mission is given. Archimedes Operators have limited knowledge of Artifacts and the Division, and must always be accompanied by an Operator with Plato-level Clearance on missions. Operatives with this level of clearance may only access up to Tier Three Division Laboratories, and are usually restricted to their respective barracks.


Operators who have Newton-level clearance are well-versed in dealing with Eureka-class Artifacts, and have displayed an uncanny ability analyze the abilities of unknown artifacts. These Operators are cleared for recon missions in order to aid in classifying Artifacts. In accordance to their clearance, they are allowed to handle Eureka-class Artifacts, and can partake in missions that involve a Force-class Artifact. However, if a recon mission successfully identifies an Artifact to be above Force-class, Operators of this clearance will be immediately exfiltrated from the site, and will no longer partake in the mission. Operators from this level on are allowed to access most Division databases, save for those restricted to Operators of Vinci-level clearances.


Operators with Galilei-level clearances are responsible for the evaluation of captured artifacts, and along with the Vinci-level Operatives, are the only Operators allowed within the confines of Tier One Division laboratories. They are responsible for the calibration of Artifact abilities into controllable quantities, if possible. Operators within this clearance level are not allowed to partake in missions that involve Hazard-class Artifacts, though they are cleared to handle Artifacts of any class, once retrieved.


Vinci-level Operators are those who have extensive knowledge of all Division activities, as well as exceptional familiarity with the different classes of artifacts. They are the only Operators allowed to partake missions involving all classes of Artifacts, most notably the Hazard and Truvian classes. Operators of Vinci-level clearance are responsible for briefing of Operators of lower clearances, containment of captured Artifacts, and censorship of all Division documents.

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