C-13: The Dragon's Scream


Physical Description

An enormous lizardlike creature with 2 (two) wings on each side of its torso. Scales appear to be made entirely up out of sapphires. C-13's diet consists entirely of meat, preferably genetically engineered livestock. [KLEIDARIA] proves ineffective against it.

Paranatural Properties

C-13 can emit a roar which releases an electromagnetic pulse. See Addendum C-13/01 for militaristic permits.


C-13 was discovered by an Operator during a skirmish between the Nome Gregory and our forces. It was seen flying above several hours beforehand. It released its 'scream' mid-battle, causing all electronic items to instantly be disabled.

Storage/Containment Procedures

C-13 has not yet been contained, but several attempts have been made to do so, resulting in approximately 15 (fifteen) fatalities. However, to some extent, replication has been achieved. See Addendum C-13/01.

Addendum C-13/01

C-13's replicates can be used by personnel who possess at least ADELOS clearance. Handling is not to be attempted, and the creature is only to be released onto enemy forces.

Addendum C-13/02

See Supplementary Documentation for all use requests of C-13.

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