Codename: C-17

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: Subject is allowed to wander around Research Sector ██ as it wishes. All staff on site should treat the subject with respect and care, and staff interactions with C-17 are to be carefully monitored by Emma Ashton, who has been designated by the subject as its owner. If Ms. Ashton is to find any antipathy towards subject, she is to alert a Class 4 Administrator immediately, and the staff member responsible for abuse is to be terminated.

All minor care is to be provided by Ms. Ashton.

Description: C-17 (Referred to as "Righty", as named by Ms. Ashton and various CSD personnel) is a large black cat found in May 18██ by police officials in London, England, after investigating an arson/murder case. The animal appears to be in poor condition, missing its right eye and bearing scars around its neck, along with various poorly-healed skeletal fractures. However, "Righty" is very affectionate, and will follow its current owner everywhere, unless physically restrained.

Document 117-011:

Confirmed Chronology of C-17's existence

*May 18██ - C-17 is discovered after an unknown individual suffering from lunacy murdered his wife.
*May 18██ - C-17 is released onto streets of London.
*June 18██ - Several fires break out in London. Subject is believed to have been the cause.
*September 19██ - ████ ██████████ adopts C-17 from an animal shelter.
*March 19██ - ████ ██████████ dies, and her grandson takes C-17 into his care.
*April 19██ - Division Agents in the UK hear word of a cat with an unbelievably long life span. Agents investigate, and take C-17 into custody. Owner is glad to be rid of the cat.

Document 17-026A: Documentation of C-17 Class Promotion from "Safe" to "Euclid"

A fire has broken out in Wing A-7, near the CSD housing areas. Fires have been subdued, but the cause is completely unknown. Technicians have discovered no electrical malfunction, poor wiring, or any reasonable cause for an ignition. However, of interest is the strangely shaped soot patterns caused by the flame, as the outline of a cat is clearly visible. We are looking into a possible Euclid class containment failure.

- Dr. Svenik

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