C 12
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C-12 before its containment.

Codename: C-012

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: All personnel assigned as the creature's containment detail are to be of no Abrahamic faith as to preserve the religions' purity and honor and to deny the priest of any followers. Agents assigned to the retrieval, transport and containment of the object should not attempt communication. One agnostic personnel should be on hand and ready to dispatch the creature with discrimination.

The Division Board of Ethics has placed numerous sanctions on the priest for desecrating the faiths of victimized. A decrease in food supply and living conditions, room temperature to below freezing, and disciplinary measures have been enacted.

Description: C-012 Is A tall, old man, 91 years of age. He is of Japanese origin, typically wears black glasses, removal of glasses reveals that his right eye has been gouged out, although the skin has grown over the wound and is somehow healing. He always wears a traditional Catholic priest's clothes, of the black variety. His stomach has a deep impalement wound, possibly self-inflicted. Subject has shown charisma and influence in talking with people.

Medical examinations of the subject have revealed he is arthritic and anemic, with a record of hospitalizations to his name being found in a nearby hospital. The subject walks in a limping gait, shows difficulty with hand movements and is noted to be allergic to copper. Nevertheless, the subject is able to project a cheerful demeanor with people.

The subject has a supernatural ability to convince people of Abrahamaic faith to conform to his somehow radical views on philosophy and religion, and has the ability to impart sadistic thoughts towards his 'followers'.

He has used his charismatic and influential nature, coupled with his ability to persuade people to create a ritualistic murder cult about him. Regular people who have interacted with the priest have shown cooperation and obsession with the creature and his wound, which was discovered to be a Seppuku disembowelment injury that led to his death.

Addendum: After at least 24-72 minutes of interaction with the priest, subjects begin having delusions; referring to him as a messiah of some sorts, and expressing the desire to worship him.

Occasionally, the priest and members of his cult perform a ritual that ends in ritualistic group suicides, the priest included. The priest will re-animate after a few days, and some of his ailments have been found to be temporarily cured for 72 hours after the ritual.

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